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Million Dollar Band

Celebrated Shrine Musicians

An important part of the repertoire is the music of our brother nobles, Henry Fillmore, Fred Jewell,
Karl King, J.J. Richards and John Phillip Sousa. These individuals were important contributors to the heritage
of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and the musical wealth of our nation."

Henry Fillmore, 33°
Syrian Shrine
Cincinnati, Ohio
(1881 - 1956)

Fred Jewell, 32°
Murat Shrine
Indianapolis, Indiana

Karl King, 32°
Za-Ga-Zig Shrine
Altoona (Des Moines), Iowa
(1891 - 1971)

J. J. Richards, 32°
Mirza Shrine
Pittsburg, Kansas
(1878 - 1956)

John Philip Sousa, 33°
Almas Shrine
Washington, D.C.
(1854 - 1932)

Cover of Sheet Music
for Imperial Shrine Session
June 1923

J.P. Sousa
with massed Shrine Bands
Imperial Session - 1923

William "Count" Basie, 33°
Prince Hall Shrine
New York City,
New York
(1904 - 1984)

Irving Berlin, 32°
Mecca Shrine
New York City,
New York
(1888 - 1989)

Edward Kennedy
"Duke" Ellington, 33°

Mecca Shrine, PHS
New York City, NY
(1899 - 1974)

Paul Whiteman, 32°
Mecca Shrine
New York City,
New York
(1890 - 1967)

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