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              The DanceKatz is an auxiliary group
              of the Million Dollar Band consisting of
              12 to 17 musicians. This band has been
              playing together since 1987. Noble Lynn Moller
              is the director. This group performs the "Big
              Band Sound" for more sophisticated ballroom
              dancing. This follows in the tradition of our
              brother nobles, William "Count" Basie, Irving
              Berlin, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, and
              Paul Whiteman. Their compositions and arrange-
              ments form the basis of our repertoire and
              popular American musical culture. Evening
              dances are now being held and the group is
              available for outside performances. Please
              check Midian Shrine news for dates or call
              (316) 204-6131 for more information."

                A Warm Breeze - 2006 Wichita Jazz Festival

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