Million Dollar Band

Midian Shrine
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Million Dollar Band

Band History

First Midian Band 1915

The Midian Shrine Band was formed in 1910, two years after the Midian Shrine was founded and was chartered in 1915.
The band was renamed "The Midian Shrine Million Dollar Band" as a result of selling over a million dollars
worth of war bonds during World War I. Below are examples of war bonds that were sold.

Midian Shrine Band at Imperial Shrine Council in Portland, OR circa. 1920

Midian Temple Shrine Band - January 23, 1921 (Merle Evans)

Midian Shrine Band at Imperial Council Session June 14, 15, 16, 1921

Midian Shrine Baggage Train Car San Francisco Bound 1922

Midian Shrine Circus Wichita, KS Feb 12-17, 1923

Midian Shrine Band at Imperial

Midian Shrine Train Los Angeles Bound circa. 1950

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